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Hi Im Hayley!

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Why Advertise in Coffee News ?
1) It is exclusive ~ one advertiser by  Business Category ~ you effectively lock out your competition. 

2) It is proven to work ~  In NZ over 80% of businesses advertise for at least a year. In fact, we still have many advertisers from the very first NZ edition back in 2001 (20 years ago!!!).  Worldwide 11million copies are printed weekly in over 20 countries - a testament to the unique small business advertising model that works hard, 7 days a week, every week of the year.  

3) Coffee News is outstanding value for money  ~  Engaged readers are typically from higher income brackets, and home and business owners. Reach covers over 180 locations throughout my edition territories in Auckland. Avid readers love the CN format,  finding the "Coffee Guy" in advertiser ads,  and appreciate advertisers support enables CN to be freely available each week. 

4) Is complimentary to digital ~ offline brand awareness prompts readers to look at local businesses online.  Additionally, we can also help smaller businesses. Additionally as the is a high traffic consumer site with 1000s of weekly competition entries Google search will recognise our digital backlinks to your business online assets and favorably rank your business above your competitors.  
Ads are now limited to only a few exclusive business categories.  So don't delay or you may miss out and be locked put by a competitor.  Let's talk (or email me) and find out if your business category is available. 

CoffeeNews Only Advertising Discounts
Small to medium Business Package. Lock out Competition.
Minimum 16 weeks +  Ad insertion, 
$35 per week one edition
$65 per week for two editions
$90 per week for three editions
Price per week, No ad design fee

CoffeeNews & TradieSocials Advertising packages:
I call them the "good, better, best options".

GOOD $45 per week, per edition - Shout out on fb and insta for Aucklife ( currently 4000 followers and growing).
BETTER $60 per week ( 2 weekly bespoke posts on your social media with a basic ad via tradiesocials, 1 shout our on aucklife).
BEST $99 per week (1 Coffee News Ad + Tradiesocial Social Media Management combo (3 slick bespoke posts with ad campaign ).

There are many options available: including a mixture of advertising through Aucklife, tradiesocials and coffeenews. Call 0211977600to discuss your needs.