About Coffee News

Coffee News is a FREE weekly publication delivered to restaurants, cafes, takeaways, hotels, and anywhere people go to have a bite to eat, or are waiting. Coffee News contains the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, horoscopes, amazing facts, and more.

Everything in Coffee News is fun and entertaining - no bad news here. It is a big breath of fresh air to millions of readers who are tired of hearing only bad news. Coffee News is Positive. It provides the "other side of the news", - something that makes people SMILE! Over 8 million people all across the World enjoy reading Coffee News every week.

Coffee News is a franchise business with around 1,000 licensees (or franchisees) throughout the World. We started publishing in New Zealand in 2001 and have since grown to over 30 separate editions of Coffee News in a country of only 5 million people.

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Advertisers reap benefits unseen from other newspaper advertising, from our unique publication and regular competitions which extremely popular with our readers.

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How Coffee News began ...

Coffee News originated in 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and was the brainchild of Jean Daum, an expert in not only advertising itself, but super-learning and subliminal techniques as well - many of which she designed and researched herself to make Coffee News one of the most potent, yet most affordable sources of advertising ever produced!

Coffee News took months of research before it even started. No stone was left unturned when it came to the design and content of Coffee News. It now employs no fewer than 17 different psychological and super-learning techniques to boost readership, and more importantly, the bottom-line results for advertisers. Because each advertiser is given an exclusive category advertisement, the advertisers will not give up this exclusivity in Coffee News if it's bringing them constant results.

It's no secret why Coffee News is so popular. "Everything in Coffee News is a first priority to someone. Some want their horoscopes, some can't wait for the lucky numbers, or the trivia to challenge friends with, then there's the funny or unusual news stories, amazing facts, great jokes, point-blank quotable quotes - all a challenge, inspiration, and more importantly - good fun!" says Jean Daum.

Sadly, Jean Daum passed away on 23 July 2007 after a long battle with cancer, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to bring smiles to millions of readers every week around the globe.