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Publisher: Gavin Wong

E-Mail: eastauckland@coffeenews.co.nz

Phone: Phone 022 508 1309

Website: https://coffeenews.co.nz

Online Edition

Welcome to Coffee News East Auckland!

We're Edith and Gavin. Our publication is designed to be read in 7 to 10 minutes, filled with light-hearted and fun reading to enjoy while you wait at your favourite cafe, take away and restaurants or other venues where people are commonly waiting for service (such as hairdressers & barbers, testing stations, medical centres etc.)

Coffee News, FUN reading SERIOUS advertising

Besides a fun read, Coffee News East Auckland offers effective advertising for serious advertising

Why advertise in Coffee News?

- We know our readers have discretionary cash to spend, they are picking up our copy in cafes, restaurants, take-aways and other places where people are spending money

- Your ad will be surrounded by fun and positive news, readers will associate you with positivity

Advantages for advertisers:

-        Lock in your price now and it will NEVER increase (until cancelled)

-        With our 1 business per category you lock out competitors from advertising in Coffee News

-        You're always on the front or the back, but never lost in the middle.

Free notices in What's Happening section of Coffee News

Free Public Notices available for Non-for-Profit organisations, local clubs, schools, sport clubs and community events in our What's Happening section.

Email eastauckland@coffeenews.co.nz with event details at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Why display Coffee News in your cafe, restaurant or other venue?

-          Show your customers that you support local businesses

-          Customers reading magazines or newspapers will occupy tables longer, whilst Coffee News is designed to be read in 7 to 10 minutes. You can turn over the tables quicker.

-          Its FREE to display, with free stands available to keep it tidy

-          New copies distributed each week so customers can keep picking it up

For general enquiries, please contact Gavin 022 508 1309 or email eastauckland@coffeenews.co.nz