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Welcome to the Coffee News Bay of Plenty information page. 

We are local like you.

Hi Readers nice to meet digital You.

  • If you are looking for a location to pick up your free and fresh weekly copy of the Coffee News see the Google Map below. 
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  • To let others know why and/or what you love about Coffee News please feel free to write a Google review by Clicking Here (opens Coffee News BOP Google My Business page).  Ta for the review - you already know you are awesome. Oh, and we really appreciate you taking the time to share your views, so to this end, we have created a wee 'surprise and delight' competition. Deane will randomly select a reviewer in the first week of each new season to WIN an 'Old School/Cool School' Fan T-Shirt. We don't sell our Coffee News Family Branded T-Shirts. We prefer them as a 'money can't buy gift/prize'. 
  • If you are a Not-For-Profit Community Organisations, looking to take advantage of free advertising in the What's Happening section of Coffee News, simply email 35-40 words about your event/fundraising activity, 3 weeks before your key date. We will do our very best to promote and create Bay Wide awareness of your initiative,  noting it is subject to a 'first up best-dressed policy', and space availability. 

Hello Small Business Owner and or Marketing/Sales Guru or New Business Visionary or Franchise HQ/Local Owner. 

  • If you have any Qs contact me anytime. I'm friendly and only bite cake and cookies :-).
  • Please check out our vast Hospitality Partner Distribution Network in the Google Map below. Click on the top left-hand corner of the map to see the mix of locations your potential customers might be eating, drinking, shopping, gardening, getting their car serviced, flying, boating, or just relaxing/chatting socialising in general (mums and kids) and after playing sport (clubs = Golf, Gym, Aquatic Centre, Fishing, RSA - darts + snooker + armchair sports folk at Sports Bars, etc).  Oh, and you have an infinitely more chance of your brand being noticed in ONLY Coffee News ALLOWED locations McDonalds, Bobbys Fresh Fish Markets (the Bays very own fish & chips experts), Subway, and Tauranga Hospital Cafes. New Covid restrictions mean tired/old magazines and national and local newspapers, handled many times in a day, are no longer acceptable in the hospitality sector from a good practice hygiene perspective. Coffee News always distributes multiple copies (up to 100 copies in some locations) and encourages readers to read once and take their free copy home.
  • Deane (me) loves the Coffee News format and, of course, like any proud small business owner 100% believe in the Coffee News brand. We know (based on regular market research) we are the no 1 high reach/quality engagement advertising platform in the Bay. Despite being mass market, we can also target demographics using any/all platforms print, digital and social media. Simply don't fish where the fish are - Catch Where The Fish Are :-). 
  • Deane (myself) will be announcing a new Radio & TV Media partner soon, so you can run BigCo Campaigns On SmallCo budgets. In my previous life (BigCo Marketing Director blah blah), I found multichannel campaigns to work best for acquisition and sales growth. My goal is to deliver a simple compelling solution for SmallLocalCos in the Bay at the biggest marketing bang for your buck. I'm a betting man and would back SmallCo to beat BigCo in any level playing field competition. 
  • Coffee News readers' demographics are in the Histats table at the bottom of the page. You will see a rolling snapshot of the digital edition pages read. On the Google Map you may be interested to see how many readers searched for a pick-up location.
  • If you are a number nerd, detailed cross-platform audience metrics i.e. those who have read or accessed Coffee News content via both print or online are available on request. Advertiser KPIs and Return on Marketing Investments (ROI) are reported quarterly. We have advertisers that have been continuously advertising in NZ for 18+years, as securing their exclusive business category is a great local strategy and locks out the competition (existing and new (1,000 business start-up in the Bay every year). The Coffee News 30 year successful business model is founded on 1 advertiser per business category and we guarantee never to advertise a competitor - loyalty is a win-win. 
  • Deane (I = all three of us :-)) are passionate about being part of BNI Papamoa. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn from other trustworthy small business owner peers, and as importantly for me,  an opportunity to join other like-minded folks in giving back to the community we all play, live and work in via fundraising initiatives.
Why Advertise in Coffee News ?
1) It is exclusive ~ one advertiser by  Business Category ~ you effectively lock out your competition. 
2) It is proven to workCoffee News owns the 'Wait Time Coffee, Food & Eats Experience' in The Bay, NZ, and In The Known World.
> Coffee News can/will get people talking about your brand using our clever and fun creative platform format. We love being creative, designing amazing ads, and helping small businesses unlock and communicate their unique market/business superpower.
> Across NZ over 80% of businesses advertise for at least a year. In fact, we still have many advertisers from the very first NZ edition back in 2001 (yep 20 years ago!!!).  
> Worldwide 11 million copies are printed weekly. This is a testament to the unique small business award-winning advertising model that works is simply and always working - 7 days a week, every week of the year (by way of comparison to digital advertising only - running Google / Facebook paid ads alone are often very time-consuming to set up, manage, change for busy small business owners who are wearing many hats. Sometimes you even pay for clicks when consumers search your brand name entering it directly because Google places ads at the top of their search page. Hmmm. A sneaky way to cook the books. 
3) Coffee News is outstanding value for money measured from as $/Per 3R*s  ~  Engaged readers are typically from higher income brackets and home and business owners. On average Bay locals eat/drink out 3.4 times a week (I think the .4 counts dogs / small humans going to cafes with dad/mum ;-)). 
Coffee News is local like you and our team lives, plays, and loves local just like you and our thousands of loyal weekly readers.
>  *Reach  100+ Hospitality Partner Distribution Network of locations in virtually every suburb in the Tauranga District. Our Here, There and Everywhere reach is shown in the Google Map below.
 *Relevance  - Coffee News is a familiar trusted for 30 years brand famous for good news to amuse. 
The Market Size in the Bay (per 2018 census) is 126,826 private households (includes holiday homes) + 308,499 Humans + Average Age 40.32 years.
We are adding new locations every week (sorry in advance if the Google Map is always slightly out of date - admin is NOT Deane's Superpower). 
Travelers to/from The Bay of Awesome are sized at  = 200,000 Kiwi Wanderers as reported by Tauranga Airport. 
> By road holidaymakers to the Mt/Papamoa/Waihi Beach and Camping Ground / Hot Sprints etc locations are estimated to double the population during Summer/long weekends (annualised view).
> *Relationship  - Avid readers love the CN format,  finding the 'Coffee Guy' in advertiser ads, and appreciate advertisers' support which enables CN to be freely available each week. And in addition to all of the above, our 'Coffee News Good News To Amuse' format puts readers in a great mood and receptive to advertising messages and advertisers' brand enquiries in the digital and analog world :-).  
4) And NOW Coffee News is even better, with the addition of Digital and Social Channels ~ real world and tactile brand awareness prompts readers to look at local businesses online - to check out their story and authenticity.  Read the digital edition at the bottom of this page and note which full-colour display ads draw your eye. 80% of the ad creative platforms are designed by Coffee News expert graphic artists and we partner with the Ministry of Marketing (Tauranga. London. New York.) to ensure world-class ads, campaigns ( digital and social), and gold standard lead generation services (for Franchises, Local and NZ Govt specific local services i.e. Historic Village, Education Sector / Skills Training etc).  
Additionally, we can actively (and do for several current advertisers) support your business efforts on social media via the NZCoffeeCulture social media subbrand on Instagram/Facebook reaching a younger demographic who prefer to consume media online,via their smartphones in a fun and humorous way. Humour and creativity transcend all generations and the many readers I meet each week will attest to my weekly repertoire of new dad jokes. 
What Next? 
* There are a limited number of exclusive business categories available (we use the same business classifications as BNI Global)
So...don't delay or you may miss out on being locked out by a competitor... and it's not just about your competition today...
>  1,000 new business start-up in the Bay every year (source: Ministry of Business Innovation). 
>  And this trend is accelerating, in last 1-2 years in the Bay  2/3 of working-age people reported they had started or were about to start a side gig business. Aucklanders, in particular, are the largest movers to the Bay. Many with successful businesses/selling up property and see the Bay as a perfect place to establish a lucrative business expansion and reap the benefits of lifestyle (watch out tradies every wave has a trough). So protect your patch now before a newbie locks you out of the Bay's best advertising platform. 

** Advertising packages are designed for every Small Business type.
I call them the 'Good+Better+Best options'.

GOOD $40 + gst per week - Print Display Ad
BETTER $45+ gst  per week  -  Above + Print + Digital + Social (includes digital full colour display ad + social media support of your brand via @NZCoffeeCulture on Instagram and Facebook (social extends our audience print reach to a younger demographic who prefer to consume Coffee News digitally)
BEST $50 + gst per week - Above ++ Double Sized Print & Digital Display Ads and the opportunity to use Coffee News as a mailbox/letterbox 'entertainment flyer - several existing advertisers distribute Coffee News directly to homes & businesses and attached their business card/promotional material) e.g. flyer. Also, you will have the option to run your ad in both editions of the Bay Coffee News and be here, there, and everywhere in the Bay and at no additional cost, run your out anywhere in NZ (as applicable to your business goals and subject to space availability in other regions)
BESTPLUS $75 + gst per week  Above +++ Hot/Warm lead generation service. The engine driving this service is a set of cloud-based marketing tools powered by Google Business Suite, Mailchimp, Canva, and Note this is service is subject to your promise to follow up on leads generated within 48 hours and maintain your digital presence to high quality). Contact me if you would like more info and real-world examples of what success looks like for a number of existing advertisers. 

*** Let's talk (or email me) and find out if your exclusive business classification is available (or at least whether you can be placed on a  waitlist if a space becomes available in the future). 
Note it is free to reserve your business category - a handshake and smile are all that is required :-). 

Not convinced? Let's have a chat over coffee and cake. 
The agenda will be no agenda. I'll listen carefully to what you are trying to achieve re advertising in the context of your business and marketing goals. 
If I can't help, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction. 

Coffee News Reach & Pick Up Areas * Tauranga CBD South To Te Puke North To Bethlehem West To Kamai - Mount Maunganui/Papamoa: Mount Maunganui Omanu Papamoa Beach - Otumoetai/Pyes Pa: Bethlehem Brookfield Judea Otumoetai Pyes Pa Tauriko Te Puke Te Papa/Welcome Bay: Gate Pa Greerton Maungatapu Welcome Bay