Advertise with Us - The Benefits for Advertisers

The benefits of advertising with Coffee News include:

Exclusivity. While you continue to advertise in your local edition of Coffee News, you'll be the only advertiser in your business category? forever. This effectively locks out your competition. The cost. It's affordable! Advertisements are less expensive than other print media so the small business owner can afford a regular business presence in their local marketplace which is necessary to establish buying patterns. When you compare the cost of advertising in other publications where you are surrounded by your competitors, it makes sense to advertise in Coffee News and stand alone! Plus, accounts are generally sent out monthly so you can pay as you go.

Weekly Publication, distributed through restaurants & cafés. The human mind is much more alert and actively seeking mental stimulation before and during a meal. Your advertisement is "devoured" while people wait to eat. The average restaurant serves 100-900 patrons per day. Using a conservative estimate of 200 patrons per day, results in 1400 patrons per week. Most editions of are distributed to 50+ restaurants, cafés and other outlets, which equates to 70,000 potential readers. If only 20% of them read, that's almost 14,000 readers exposed to your advertisement EACH WEEK.

Coffee News is upbeat and positive. It contains the week's funniest and most unusual news stories from around the world as well as jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes and more. It puts readers in a great mood! When their mood is favourable and they see your advertisement, they are much more likely to take an interest in your business offer. It's fun, easy reading - no bad news here.

It's short and sweet. Taking 7-10 minutes to read, people will also enjoy reading Coffee News while waiting to see their doctor, their physiotherapist, their hairdresser or barber? and in fact, anywhere there is a waiting area you could find Coffee News.

Targeted. Your local business needs local coverage. Prospective customers have time while waiting for their meal, their appointment or their pizza to read Coffee News, making it a great promotional tool for your local business.

Continuous and repetitive exposure. Coffee News provides the inexpensive repetition of advertisements needed to establish buying patterns - weekly exposure with additional exposure through second and more readings. With its weekly distribution on a Monday, patrons begin to look forward to each new edition. The effectiveness of an ad is increased exponentially with repetitive advertising.

Equal advertisement size & rotation. Advertisements complement each other creating impact and reducing the "big potato, small potato" type of judgement. Small advertisements are often obscured in other print media because advertisers with large budgets usually get better placement, and with weekly rotation, each advertiser in Coffee News has its turn in the more favoured spots. Standard advertising size is 50mm high x 75mm wide.

Advertisement design included. Advertisements are designed specifically for Coffee News so that advertisers can achieve outstanding results. Your advertising rate includes consultation, design and typesetting of effective advertisements. Ads can be changed weekly by a phone call, fax or email. There are Coffee News clients who have continuously promoted, not missing a single week, for over six years.

Coffee News supply is closely monitored. This ensures each location has an adequate supply of Coffee News for the entire week. Ads are working 24/7, consistently delivering your message and producing results.

To enquire about space and category availability in any edition of Coffee News in New Zealand please go to the New Zealand section to locate your local publisher, or email and we will get back to you.